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Posted 1/9/2017

Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. & Canada), Inc. Signs Alliance Agreement with AutoHarvest Foundation

January 9, 2017 - AutoHarvest Foundation (AutoHarvest) is proud to announce that it has signed an alliance agreement with the Licensing Executives Society, USA & Canada (LES).

The alliance will combine LES's resources and intellectual property expertise with AutoHarvest's open innovation community. AutoHarvest continually seeks to work with organizations that support advancements in the manufacturing field, an objective which effortlessly aligns with LES's strategic goals.

Kimberly Chotkowski, CEO, LES (USA & Canada) commented, "LES takes a lot of pride in our educational offerings, both in-person and digital. One goal of this collaborative effort is to share this asset with AutoHarvest's vast intellectual property community."

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Posted 12/14/2016

How Ford turned thousands of employees into inventors

December 14, 2016 - Henry Ford may be credited with inventing the moving assembly line, but the auto company that bears his name wanted to be more inventive still. Just a few years ago, other major automakers were being granted nearly twice as many patents as Ford per year from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

To jump-start its inventive culture, the company implemented a number of internal initiatives, from altering its financial incentives for inventors to creating companywide innovation challenges. The efforts appear to be paying off. As of Tuesday, Ford is poised to have more U.S. utility patents granted this year than any other automaker, according to agency data.

These patents include a flying drone that acts as a lookout for your self-driving car. A filter that purifies air conditioner condensation into drinkable water. And, more recently, an electric wheelchair that loads itself into the car.

In all, Ford has been granted 1,478 utility patents since Jan. 1, almost double the number of patents it was granted just two years ago.

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Posted 6/14/2016

AutoHarvest co-founder and president, Jayson Pankin, Named One of the World's Leading Intellectual Property Strategists Three Consecutive Years

DETROIT, Mich., June 14, 2016 - AutoHarvest Foundation, a global on-line meeting place for innovators of all types with an interest in advanced manufacturing, announced today that its co-founder & president, Mr. Jayson D. Pankin was ranked one of the World's Leading Intellectual Property Strategist for the third consecutive year.

The world's pre-eminent IP strategists have today been named in the IAM Strategy 300 — The World's Leading IP Strategists, published online by IAM and free to access. The unique guide lists the individuals that in-depth research, undertaken by a team based in London, Washington DC and Hong Kong, has shown possess world-class skills in the development and roll-out of strategies that maximise the value of patents, copyright, trademarks and other IP rights.

"Jayson's recognition by IAM acknowledges AutoHarvest’s important role in the manufacturing sector as a neutral meeting place for innovation collaboration. For example, this year, the Accenture Institute for High Performance published a new website to reveal its findings on "Digital Shoring for Networked Innovation" which prominently features AutoHarvest and Jayson as best practice leaders in the emerging ecosystem methodologies used to accelerate innovation and commercialization" said founding AutoHarvest board member Dr. Val Livada, retired faculty member of the MIT Sloan School.

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Learn more about 'The IAM Strategy 300: The World's Leading IP Strategists'

Posted 2/26/2016

Accenture Institute for High Performance

Digital Shoring for Networked Innovation
Feb. 26, 2016 - Companies are under pressure to innovate faster than ever, and collaboration beyond organizational boundaries is central to accelerated innovation. But few companies navigate collaboration well—or even find the right path to get started. To move forward, companies must change their operating models to enable Digital Shoring, the latest evolution of organizational shoring approaches that unlocks new ways of working with partners located anywhere in the world. Click here to go to the website

Posted 11/3/2015

Ford Licenses Innovative Robotic Testing Technology to Other Automakers

DEARBORN, Mich., Nov. 3, 2015 - Ford is licensing robotic test driving technology to other automakers. The industry-first technology saves time and spares human drivers from such physically demanding tasks as driving over curbs and through potholes in durability testing.

Ford engineers worked with Utah-based Autonomous Solutions Inc. (ASI) to further develop ASI's software and components that enable autonomous, robotic options of test vehicles. Now, other automakers are set to benefit from Ford's patented technology.

"This robotic testing kit is available to purchase directly from ASI immediately," said Chris Danowski, director of technology commercialization and intellectual property licensing, Ford Global Technologies.

  • Ford and Autonomous Solutions Inc. are licensing robotic vehicle testing technology to other vehicle manufacturers

  • Industry-first technology saves time and spares human drivers from physical abuse by accelerating high-impact onroad and off-road durability testing

  • Patented robotic durability testing used to ensure Ford trucks, including the all-new 2017 F-Series Super Duty, are Built Ford Tough

  • Posted 5/28/2015

    Ford Opens Portfolio of Patented Technologies to Competitors to Accelerate Industry-Wide Electrified Vehicle Development

    DEARBORN, Mich., May 28, 2015 - Ford Motor Company is offering competitors access to its electrified vehicle technology patents - a move to help accelerate industry-wide research and development of electrified vehicles.

    "Innovation is our goal," said Kevin Layden, director, Ford Electrification Programs. "The way to provide the best technology is through constant development and progress. By sharing our research with other companies, we will accelerate the growth of electrified vehicle technology and deliver even better products to customers."

    To access Ford's patents and published patent applications, interested parties can contact the company's technology commercialization and licensing office, or work through AutoHarvest - an automaker collaborative innovation and licensing marketplace. AutoHarvest allows members to showcase capabilities and technologies, then privately connect with fellow inventors to explore technology and business development opportunities of mutual interest. The patents would be available for a fee.

    "Ford helped launch AutoHarvest as a founding member to enable efficient and transparent technology licensing across the automotive industry and beyond," said Bill Coughlin, president and CEO, Ford Global Technologies, which manages intellectual property for Ford.

    Posted 3/18/2015

    China's WTOIP & Detroit's AutoHarvest Team to Accelerate Technology Commercialization with Chinese Companies

    Detroit, MI | Guangzhou, China - March 19, 2015 - Two major intellectual property ecosystems have joined forces to accelerate the adoption of innovation between Chinese and Western organizations and inventors. The emergence of China as the world's top patenting country is another strong indicator that tomorrow's successful companies will have a China strategy and Chinese partners. Efficiently bridging the vast distance in geography and culture has been achieved by many multinationals that have established R&D centers, sales and manufacturing operations in China. Broadening the Chinese opportunity landscape to include entrepreneurs, SMEs and research institutes is a primary goal for AutoHarvest Foundation and WTOIP. A new bridge-facilitating the flow of innovation is being built stretching from China to Motown and beyond for intellectual property and talent in transportation and advanced manufacturing. Four of the top recipients in 2014 of Chinese patents were car manufacturers.

    "WTOIP was created to unify Chinese intellectual property developers and product innovators through an on and off line network offering a deep pool of partners, patents, branding and global markets," said Boon Xie, CEO of WTOIP, "We have abundant IP resources which are over 600 thousand patents and 500 thousand trademarks for sale. We will align well with the AutoHarvest Innovation Ecosystem to bring good opportunities to both members and enterprises through utilizing intellectual property."

    " target="_blank">Read the State Intellectual Property Office of the P.R.C.
    Read the Full Press Release Read the Forbes Article
    Read the IAM Article Read the Forbes Article - In Chinese
    Read the Detroit News Article Read the Detroit News Article

    Posted 3/15/2015

    Solving Engineering Problems by Turning to the Crowd

    With pressures mounting to deliver products and services to market in less time, engineering departments that already are stretched thin have to find new methods to solve problems. One such strategy is crowdsourcing, more frequently called open innovation, in which companies seek external ideas or technologies to augment internal resources in the innovation game.

    Even the traditionally secretive automotive sector is recognizing the value of open innovation. The nonprofit AutoHarvest Foundation - whose members represent the three major U.S. automakers, automotive suppliers...

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    Posted 4/14/2015

    Autotech Council and AutoHarvest Partner to Accelerate Transfer of Tech Innovations to the Auto Industry

    The Autotech Council announced today that it is joining the AutoHarvest Foundation as a strategic partner. Based in San Jose, the Council is a group of technology innovators whose members represent many of the nation's leading suppliers and automakers, and seeks to speed the introduction of tech innovations into the auto industry.

    By working together, the Autotech Council and the AutoHarvest Foundation will facilitate the flow of innovation from Silicon Valley to America's automotive centers. Over 100 Council-affiliated companies will be offered AutoHarvest membership and integration assistance, enabling them to display their technology needs and

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    Posted 6/26/2014

    AutoHarvest Recognized in Recent Intellectual Asset Management Article

    In this in-depth article, IAM presents as a model of the open innovation and collaboration that is helping the US auto industry return to prominence and success. As much of the intellectual property needed to build the 'vehicle of tomorrow' is located outside the automotive industry, cooperation between automakers and across sectors is essential for progress.

    Read the "Engines of Collaboration"

    Posted 6/16/2014

    AutoHarvest co-founder and President, Jayson Pankin, Named One of the World's Leading Intellectual Property Strategists

    AutoHarvest Foundation co-founder and president, Jayson Pankin has been ranked one of the World's Leading Intellectual Property Strategists by the British publication Intellectual Asset Management (IAM).

    The IAM Strategy 300: The World's Leading IP Strategists lists individuals that in-depth research has shown possess the necessary skills to work with IP owners to maximise the value of their patents, copyrights, trademarks and other rights.

    "Developments over recent years have shown the strategic importance of IP to businesses, so locating individuals who understand IP value and how to create it has never been more important," noted IAM editor Joff Wild.

    Read the Full Press Release

    Learn more about 'The IAM Strategy 300: The World's Leading IP Strategists'

    Posted 5/28/14

    Ford to License Patented Inflatable Safety Belt Technology to Encourage Expanded Adoption

    Ford Motor Company is offering its patented inflatable safety belt technology to other companies and industries, including competitive automotive manufacturers. The availability of licenses may lead to the wider adoption of inflatable safety belts as other automakers seek to enhance passenger safety. The technology is potentially applicable to other forms of seated-passenger transportation, including military use, and airborne passengers traveling by helicopter or airplane, and even for water travel.

    Ford also purchased additional inflatable safety belt patents from United Technologies Corp. to ensure that this technology could be broadly licensed. This effort was made easier with the help of AutoHarvest Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of new technologies by providing unprecedented access to innovators and businesses.

    "We founded AutoHarvest with the hopes this type of technology sharing could be realized for the betterment of society," said David E. Cole, co-founder and board chairman for AutoHarvest. "We are glad to be able to play a role in spreading this safety technology more broadly."

    Read the Full Press Release

    Posted 4/21/14

    CEA LIST institute, dedicated to smart digital systems, joins AutoHarvest® Innovation Ecosystem

    French research organization, CEA LIST institute, has signed a membership agreement with the AutoHarvest e-collaboration marketplace to post licensable technologies in the areas of:

     • Robotics & Advanced manufacturing
     • Embedded Systems
     • Augmented & virtual reality
     • Software tools
     • Multimodal interfaces
     • Intelligent/ubiquitous sensor networks
     • Data mining and analytics
     • Digital & interactive tools for products and processes design
     • Non-destructive testing

    CEA LIST institute supports its industrial partners' competitiveness through innovation and technological transfer. To date, it has formed innovation partnerships with more than 100 companies, mainly in Europe. CEA LIST is expanding its footprint in the U.S. and will use the AutoHarvest's online platform to match technology needs with innovative solutions developed by its network of R&D teams and innovative spinoffs.

    "CEA LIST institute, Autosar Premium Member, has been providing companies with a very large panel of compliant technologies for 4 years. We hope that through AutoHarvest, we'll be able to enlarge and accelerate this action for smarter manufacturing processes" says Karine GOSSE, CEO of CEA LIST Institute.

    Read the full press release here.

    Posted 2/26/14

    AutoHarvest's early success proves that patents are about so much more than exclusion

    This weekend, Crain's Detroit Business ran a feature looking at AutoHarvest, the non-profit IP exchange platform set up to serve the open innovation needs of the automotive industry and adjacent sectors.

    In the most recent issue of IAM, we take an in-depth look at IP-driven collaboration and open innovation in the automotive industry. While the sector is highly competitive, the needs and expectations of the modern consumer are forcing car makers to rethink their traditional business strategies and to cooperate more closely with one another in terms of research and development. "Between government regulations and consumer needs, there is now a need to create a new type of vehicle," Pankin told IAM. "This is not yesterday's car, but one that is safe, green, internet connected and infused with rapidly evolving technology. All of the technologies required to create that vehicle do not reside within the millions of square feet of one of the larger OEMs' [original equipment manufacturers'] R&D facilities - they have to come from other companies, adjacent markets and innovators around the world."

    Click here to read the article.

    Posted 3/19/14

    AutoHarvest Offers Meeting Place, Collaboration For Intellectual Property

    AutoHarvest, a digital marketplace for intellectual property, plans to open up its services globally in summer 2014

    The online forum is the first of its kind and still in the BETA stage. It functions as a meeting place for manufacturers, universities, federal labs, startups, entrepreneurs and anyone else interested in IP technology.

    Click here to read the article.

    Posted 2/26/14

    AutoHarvest's early success proves that patents are about so much more than exclusion

    This weekend, Crain's Detroit Business ran a feature looking at AutoHarvest, the non-profit IP exchange platform set up to serve the open innovation needs of the automotive industry and adjacent sectors.

    In the most recent issue of IAM, we take an in-depth look at IP-driven collaboration and open innovation in the automotive industry. While the sector is highly competitive, the needs and expectations of the modern consumer are forcing car makers to rethink their traditional business strategies and to cooperate more closely with one another in terms of research and development. "Between government regulations and consumer needs, there is now a need to create a new type of vehicle," Pankin told IAM. "This is not yesterday's car, but one that is safe, green, internet connected and infused with rapidly evolving technology. All of the technologies required to create that vehicle do not reside within the millions of square feet of one of the larger OEMs' [original equipment manufacturers'] R&D facilities – they have to come from other companies, adjacent markets and innovators around the world."

    Click here to read the article.

    Posted 1/15/14

    U.S. Secretary of Commerce Delivers Remarks at Detroit Economic Club

    U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker praises resilience of auto industry at North American International Automotive Show in Detroit. Secretary Pritzker calls out US Patent and Trademark Office MOU with AutoHarvest "working with Jayson's team, we will help inventors and auto executives team up to commercialize new ideas."

    Click here to read the full transcript.
    Click here to watch the full address.
    Click here read the Detroit New article.

    Posted 11/21/13

    Omnia Group and AutoHarvest Collaborate to Expand Intellectual Property Marketplace for Advanced Manufacturing

    Global translation expert Omnia Group provides pro bono expertise to bridge language barriers for advanced manufacturing e-collaboration marketplace. The public facing website for intellectual property is now in five languages: Chinese, English, French, German and Italian.

    The two organizations expanded access to millions in their native language to the AutoHarvest e-collaboration marketplace for advanced manufacturing intellectual property. Within the AutoHarvest ecosystem, innovators and commercializers have a direct line of sight to intellectual property opportunities to buy/sell/license and collaborate from a multitude of large and small organizations across the full spectrum of advanced manufacturing.

    Click here to download the full press release.

    Posted 9/20/13

    AutoHarvest Innovation Advisory Board Chairman Wm. Coughlin Elected Entrepreneur of the Year by Automation Alley at its 13th Annual Awards Gala

    Left to Right: Lynn Bishop, Sara Blackmer, Sandy McKinnon, Dr. Charles Crespy, Deb Zellner, Ken Rogers, Bill Coughlin, Robert Ruffini.
    Photographer: Rosh Sillars

    Automation Alley, Michigan's largest technology business association, announced the winners of its 13th Annual Awards Gala Friday at The Henry hotel in Dearborn.

    Automation Alley's Annual Awards Gala is the region's most prestigious event honoring technology organizations and their leaders. The event celebrated the accomplishments and continued growth of the individuals and companies moving Southeast Michigan's technology economy forward....

    Click here to read the full article.

    Posted 8/28/2013

    AutoHarvest Tapped by New Supply Chain Initiative to Lead Online Component

    AutoHarvest, a Southeast Michigan-based nonprofit website that aims to connect the auto industry with entrepreneurs and inventors, announced this week that is has been selected to facilitate the online efforts the new National Supply Chain Network Initiative (NSNI) pilot program, which came out of the Clinton Global Initiative. Other partners in the regional pilot program are GlobalFoundries, San Diego's Connect, the Connectory, the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center, and the Center for Economic Growth.

    Click here to read the full article.

    Posted 8/28/2013

    Now it's easier to get your hands on Los Alamos innovations

    Los Alamos National Laboratory technologies available in AutoHarvest

    The nuclear research facility that developed smart cards that use quantum mechanics-based security coding and software that can suss out synergies in an organization's structure is making some of its technology easier to license commercially.

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory has launched its "Express Licensing" program, which gives local entrepreneurs as well as national collaborators access to innovative technology invented at the lab. The new licensing alternative was announced by the lab's Technology Transfer Division on Aug. 1...

    Click here to read the full article.

    Posted 8/21/2013

    National Supply Chain Network Initiative (NSNI) Launched at the Clinton Global Initiative

    National collaboration announced to build a more robust US supply chain and build the nation's manufacturing base

    (New York City, NY - August 20th, 2013) GLOBALFOUNDRIES and five partners today announced their Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action, a collaborative effort that has the potential to strengthen the US supply chain and build the manufacturing base. The commitment, which was the outgrowth of discussions during the 2012 CGI America meeting in Chicago, now moves from the developmental to implementation stage.

    The NSNI is being lead and facilitated by GLOBALFOUNDRIES and brings together representatives from the University of Michigan, Battelle and others in a collaborative partnership with the AutoHarvest Foundation, CONNECT, the CONNECTORY, the Hudson Valley Technology Development Center (HVTDC) and the Center for Economic Growth (CEG) to create a regional pilot in the Hudson Valley of NY ("Tech Valley") that is intended to better connect the supply chain. Key components of the NSNI include helping small and midsized manufacturers get connected to large manufacturers as suppliers, improve access to innovation and to generally help provide direction when it comes to needed assistance through the use of an online network and leveraging the expertise of existing organizations. The overall goal is to create a scalable model, ultimately providing a tool to build a more robust US supply chain and grow the US manufacturing base...

    Click here to read the full article.

    Posted 7/30/2013

    Johnson Controls joins AutoHarvest Foundation's Innovation Advisory Council

    Johnson Controls, a global leader in automotive seating, seating components, interiors and electronics, recently joined the Innovation Advisory Council of the AutoHarvest Foundation. The Foundation is an e-collaboration marketplace for intellectual property focusing on advanced manufacturing. "Being part of AutoHarvest further demonstrates Johnson Controls' commitment to promoting and developing innovative automotive technologies," said Michael Thomas, senior manager, technology scouting for Johnson Controls Automotive Seating, who will represent the supplier on the council.

    Click here to read the full article.

    Posted 7/17/13

    AutoHarvest co-founder and chairman, Dr. David E. Cole to be inducted into The Automotive Hall of Fame on July 25, 2013 during the Annual Induction & Awards Ceremony

    The event, hosted by RM Auctions and held at the Inn at St. John's in Plymouth, Michigan, will recognize nine trailblazers, pioneers, and leaders for their influence on the automotive industry in four categories: Automotive Hall of Fame Induction, Distinguished Service Citation, Young Leadership & Excellence Award and Industry Leader of the Year...

    Click here to read the full article.

    Posted 6/6/13

    Is there a 'Silver Lining' for the Military Vehicles Industry during Sequestration?

    In an new era of shrinking budgets (brought on swiftly by sequestration), making more out of less requires new strategies to be efficient and effective in developing products that supply the warfighters with the tools they need to achieve their mission. IDGA asked Jayson Pankin, President & CEO at AutoHarvest Foundation, his thoughts on the current state of this industry...

    Click here to read the full article.

    Posted: 4/10/13

    AutoHarvest Lands U.S. Patent Office As Partner In Innovation Hub

    (ANN ARBOR - March 22, 2013) AutoHarvest, a non-profit website that connects the auto industry with entrepreneurs and inventors, wants to become in the words of its CEO the Amazon of Innovation.

    AutoHarvest Foundation took another step towards that goal this week when it announced a Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to help entrepreneurs and corporate executives will have direct access to a centralized online collection of databases, information resources, software and analytical tools designed to help inventors better understand the process of obtaining, maintaining and commercializing their intellectual property.

    Click here to read the full article.

    Posted: 3/12/13

    AutoHarvest Seeks to Become the "Amazon of Innovation"

    AutoHarvest, a nonprofit website that aims to connect the auto industry with entrepreneurs and inventors, has just announced a partnership with the U.S. Patent & Trademark office. It's the latest big name to come aboard- other supporters include Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Covisint, and various universities and economic development agencies.

    Download the complete article click here

    Posted: 3/5/13

    USPTO and AutoHarvest Collaborate to Accelerate Advanced Manufacturing

    (Detroit - March 5, 2013) The U.S. Department of Commerce's United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the AutoHarvest Foundation today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work together to spur innovation and generate jobs in advanced manufacturing. The two organizations will collaborate on the creation of an online environment for innovators to exchange information, facilitate technical discussions, and encourage the growth of entrepreneurial activities. The USPTO opened its first-ever satellite office in Detroit in July 2012, and the MOU is part of the agency's outreach into the community.

    Download the complete Press Release click here

    Posted: 2/7/13

    AutoHarvest Preps to Launch Amazon For Auto IP Innovation

    AutoHarvest, the nonprofit focused on fostering collaboration and innovation in the auto industry, is prepping to launch a new software platform that the organization's leaders are calling the of intellectual property innovation...
    Check out the full article here

    Posted: 1/28/13

    AutoHarvest, Marblar Team Up to Gamify Tech Transfer of Advanced Manufacturing Intellectual Property

    The AutoHarvest Foundation and Marblar have teamed up to clickstart a revolution in advanced manufacturing. By integrating AutoHarvest's e-collaboration marketplace with Marblar's crowdsourcing platform, the companies will seek to find novel market applications for the IP from AutoHarvest member institutions.

    Marblar creates competitions around dormant and emerging technologies and rewards its community when innovative new applications for the technologies are found. AutoHarvest members have the opportunity to create Marblar competitions around specific IP, and obtain priority access to the Marblar platform and its deep and broadly talented community that stretches into the many thousands across 90 countries. AutoHarvest's deep network of government and OEM relationships perfectly complements Marblar's extensive pool of creative minds from various disciplines and backgrounds, explained Dan Perez, CEO of Marblar. We are thrilled to be partnering up with AutoHarvest towards finding additional revenue streams for AutoHarvest's members via new applications for their patent portfolio.

    Download the complete Press Release click here

    Posted: 12/21/12

    Visit AutoHarvest Exhibit at SAE World Congress

    SAE World Congress 2013 represents an unparalleled opportunity to efficiently explore new technologies through both technical sessions and the exclusive Innovators Only Exhibition.
    April 16 - 18, 2013 / Cobo Center; Detroit, MI

    Posted: 1/4/13

    AutoHarvest Will Be Co-sponsoring SAE's New Workforce Development Program

    "Strategic Human Resource Management and the Evolution of the Technical Automotive Workforce," a new course from SAE International, is designed to facilitate information sharing and dialogue among automotive HR professionals and technical managers, educators, government, and economic development agencies.
    February 12, 2013 / Macomb Community College, Macomb, MI

    Posted: 12/21/12
    AutoHarvest will be Exhibiting at the IBF Corporate Venturing Innovation Conference
    The annual meeting place for corporations pursuing venture capital and strategic partnering initiatives as part of their innovation matrix.
    February 11 - 13, 2013 / Island Hotel, Newport Beach, CA

    Posted: 12/21/12
    AutoHarvest will be exhibiting at The Battery Show 2012
    The premier showcase of the latest advanced battery technology.
    November 13 - 15, 2012 / Novi, MI

    Posted: 12/21/12
    AutoHarvest will be exhibiting at The 2012 SEMA Show
    This is one of the largest automotive products show that attracts 60,000 attendees and 1,500 new product releases.
    October 30 - November 2, 2012 / Las Vegas, NV

    Posted: 12/21/12
    AutoHarvest will be exhibiting at WaterVent Philadelphia 2012
    This will be the first event in North America, so don't miss out on the water technology innovations and opportunities.
    October 26, 2012 / Philadelphia, PA

    Posted: 12/21/12
    AutoHarvest will be exhibiting at this years SAE Convergence 2012
    Come see businesses and leaders who are advancing electronics in the ground vehicle industry from connected vehicles to propulsion systems.
    October 16-17, 2012 / Detroit, MI

    Posted: 9/18/12
    Knowledge Sharing Systems and AutoHarvest Partner to Streamline Open Innovation
    AutoHarvest recently entered into an MOU with Knowledge Sharing Systems that will allow AutoHarvest members to manage their technology portfolios with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

    Posted: 9/18/12
    FLC Mid-Continent & Far West Region Event
    AutoHarvest Senior Vice President Eric Stief recently presented the AutoHarvest system and vision at the 2012 FLC Mid-Continent and Far West Region event, held in San Antonio. We were honored to address these attendees, representing specific Federal Labs from across 22 states and over two hundred laboratories and facilities.

    Posted: 9/18/12
    ktMINE(R) and AutoHarvest Partner to Foster Innovation (PDF)
    AutoHarvest's new arrangement with ktMINE will provide members of AutoHarvest with discounted access to the ktMINE Royalty Rate Finder(TM) database, allowing for greater insight into the IP licensing landscape to enable smarter, more transparent transactions.

    Posted: 7/26/12
    AUTOHARVEST and Detroit International Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show (DIAMTS) Partner to Enhance Detroit Expo (PDF)
    AutoHarvest partners with DIAMTS to pioneer a new Advanced Manufacturing Technology Show in Detroit, to foster innovation on a global scale.

    Posted: 7/10/12
    IDGA 2012 Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference
    AutoHarvest exhibited at the 4th Annual Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference. Largest standing military vehicles event in the world at theCOBO Center July 10-13, 2012 / Detroit, MI

    Posted: 6/6/12
    APMA 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition
    AutoHarvest exhibited at the Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) 2012 Annual Conference & Exhibition will take place at Caesars June 6-7, 2012 / Windsor, Ontario

    Posted: 6/5/12
    Bill Ford Bets on Michigan know-how (PDF)
    Get a closer glimpse at what Bill Ford Jr. is saying, also in today's Detroit News, about Michigan's future, collaboration, and supporting young companies and new graduates.

    Posted: 6/5/12
    Ford Opens Motor City Innovation Exchange, A Showroom for Detroit Startups (PDF)
    The economic downturn of the last few years hit few cities as hard as Detroit. Still, the city has recently become somewhat of a startup hub in its own right and today Ford Global Technologies announced that it is opening a showroom for "innovators to show off their creations to peers and potential customers."

    Posted: 6/5/12
    Tom Walsh: Bill Ford to city, state: Don't sugarcoat fiscal reality, deal with it (PDF)
    If the City of Detroit and State of Michigan want to cheat death, they would do well to heed the example of Ford, which not only avoided both bailout and bankruptcy but also turned massive losses into big profits.

    Posted: 5/31/12
    AUTO21 2012 Annual Conference
    AutoHarvest exhibited in Montreal, Quebec at AUTO21's annual scientific and automotive research conference. May 29-31, 2012 / Montreal, Quebec

    Posted: 5/31/12
    The 2012 Mackinaw Policy Conference
    Dr. David E. Cole, Chairman for the AutoHarvest Foundation, was a key participant at the 2012 Mackinac Policy Conference. This event was held May 29 - May 31, and spurred a comprehensive dialogue on innovation, collaboration and the 21st century global market. May 29-31, 2012 / Mackinac Island, MI.

    Posted: 5/31/12
    David Cole's Op-ed for Detroit News (PDF)
    Dr. David E. Cole, Chairman Emeritus for the Center of Automotive Research, Chairman of the AutoHarvest Foundation, and respected authority in Automotive Trends wrote an Op-Ed article in today's Detroit News reflecting his opinion about the new manufacturing economy.

    Posted: 5/15/12
    2012 Michigan Homeland Security Acquisition Summit
    AutoHarvest was a special panel guest at this years event featuring an exhibit booth to display the beta system and sign-up new users. MIHSC is a non-profit organization serving the homeland security industry in Michigan, whose goal is to bring development and awareness to homeland security, homeland defense, and critical infrastructure protection.

    Posted: 4/26/12
    AutoHarvest announces Thomas Anderson elected to Board of Directors (PDF)
    AutoHarvest Foundation, a newly organized e-collaboration marketplace for intellectual property in the area of advanced manufacturing, is delighted to announce that Automation Alley Senior Director and Director of Entrepreneurism Thomas Anderson, Ph.D., was elected to serve on its board of directors. Read the full announcement.

    Posted: 4/18/12
    AutoHarvest, DHS and TARDEC Sign Technology Innovation Information Collaboration Agreement (PDF)
    Detroit - (April 18, 2012) The AutoHarvest Foundation announces that it has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science & Technology Directorate (S&T) and the Department of Defense, U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC).

    Posted: 4/4/12
    Detroit Regional Innovation Network (PDF)
    AutoHarvest's leadership in driving innovation throughout the global automotive industry is being supercharged with its recently awarded New Economy Initiative (NEI) grant. Read more about the NEI's Detroit Regional Innovation Network, the recently launched 10-year program to boost high-tech development and job creation in Southeast Michigan in this front page Crain's Detroit Business article.

    Posted: 4/3/12
    US Canada Border Security Summit
    AutoHarvest exhibited at the U.S. / Canada Border Security Summit in Dearborn, MI on April 3-4, 2012.

    Posted: 3/22/12
    President Obama visits Center for Automotive Research
    On his visit to the Ohio State University campus March 22, 2012, President Barack Obama toured the Ohio State Center for Automotive Research, directed by Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni. He saw the Buckeye Bullet 2.5, the world's fastest electric vehicle. Here, President Obama studies the progression of components used to power the series of Buckeye Bullet vehicles.

    See photo here

    Posted: 3/16/12
    dbusiness Magazine - Engineering a Comeback (PDF)
    AutoHarvest's David Cole and Eric Stief are interviewed for two dBusiness feature articles on the exceptional engineering and creative talent driving Michigan's economic recovery. Read their insights on how startups in the automotive industry can find skilled workers and experienced executives to grow their businesses.

    Posted: 1/20/12
    Universities Startups Conference 2012
    AutoHarvest hosted a special panel during this National Council for Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2) conference. The panel members represent leadership in innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurship and will discuss new ways to accelerate the adoption of innovation. Please visit NCET2's website for more information.

    Posted: 12/21/11
    The White House OSTP Blog
    Last week, Commerce Secretary Bryson spoke about his vision for American manufacturing - a vision he summarized as "Build it Here, Sell it Everywhere." That inspired me to share an update on three tech initiatives that have achieved important milestones this month in furtherance of that vision.

    Posted: 11/14/11
    Michigan Emerging Conference
    Join AutoHarvest and Gov. Rick Snyder, the keynote speaker, at the Michigan Emerging Conference for movers, shakers, entrepreneurs and those that love Michigan and want to help shape its future.

    Please visit Michigan Emerging for more information and to learn how to register

    Posted: 08/09/11
    Federal Labs Consortium (FLC) for Technology Transfer - Midwest Region
    Jayson Pankin presents AutoHarvest to the leaders of the midwest federal laboratories and leading transportation related constituents. The mission of the FLC is to add value to the federal agencies, laboratories, and their partners to accomplish the rapid integration of research and development resources within the mainstream of the U.S. economy.

    Posted: 08/04/2011
    Download Audio File (26.5 MB)
    Dr. David E. Cole, Chairman Emeritus of the Center of Automotive Research and Chairman of AutoHarvest, speaking at the Management Briefing Seminar August 4, 2011 in Traverse City Michigan.

    Posted: 08/01/2011
    Crain's Detroit Business - AutoHarvest: Marketplace for car tech (PDF)
    Planned website to link IP providers, customers - Dave Cole, the former chairman of the Center for Automotive Research, and Jayson Pankin, a former Delphi Holdings LLP executive, have formed the AutoHarvest Foundation, a non-profit to help automakers, auto suppliers and universities market and license their intellectual property through a website it hopes to launch in its final form next year.

    Posted: 08/01/2011
    Harvesting the region's IP potential
    This week with Crain's Publisher Mary Kramer and Paul W. Smith of WJR AM 760: A nonprofit automotive IP exchange holds profitable potential for the region, and longtime Bing associate returns to mayor's side.

    Posted: 07/31/2011
    Ford, TechShop Aim to Turn Everyday Joes Into Rich and Famous Inventors
    New Detroit area workshop offers novice makers a chance to affordably experiment, learn, and dream.

    Posted: 07/28/2011
    Ford, TechShop Reveal Home of Detroit-Area Workshop; Urge Everyday Inventors to Create, Build and Sell (PDF)
    Ford and TechShop have announced that Allen Park, Mich., is the home of TechShop Detroit, the communal fabrication studio where everyday inventors, from backyard tinkerers to tech-savvy engineers, can come and create their very-own homegrown innovations.

    Posted: 07/27/2011
    Town Hall Meeting Agenda July 11, 2011 (PDF)
    On July 11, 2011 the AutoHarvest Foundation was privileged to be a key participant, along with Mr. Aneesh Chopra, United States Chief Technology Officer, in a Town Hall meeting sponsored by the Ford Motor Company at the new Innovation Center in Allen Park, Michigan. The event, which was reported on Mr. Chopra's White House blog, was attended by over 100 industry, government and academic research and development professionals, who discussed how to propel the resurgence of advanced manufacturing in Michigan and introduced several new, powerful initiatives in Southeast Michigan.

    Hosting the event were Ford Global Technologies, LLC and Michigan Corps, the latter of which announced the launch of Make in Detroit, a resource platform specifically designed to spur innovation in the manufacturing sector, and TechShop, an industrial prototyping center that provides inventors with the resources necessary to transform ideas into crowd-sourced prototypes. Dr. Grace Bochenek, Director of TARDEC (Tank Army Research and Engineering Center), discussed a non-profit robotics innovation center in partnership with the U.S. Army. Dr. David E. Cole, Chairman, and Jayson D. Pankin, President, AutoHarvest Foundation, revealed the results of AutoHarvest's on-going alpha program, which has yielded a novel model for an online intellectual property marketplace and e-collaboration system to accelerate the adoption of innovation in advanced manufacturing.

    Related Documents from the Event:
    Town Hall Meeting Agenda July 11, 2011 (PDF)
    Report to the President on Ensuring American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing, Executive, office of the President, President's Council of Advisors on Technology, June 2011 [PDF]

    Posted: 07/7/2011
    Time Magazine -The Detroit Blog - Why Detroit?
    Jayson Pankin speaking to the Detroit Blog on "Why Detroit?" ...

    Posted: 05/3/2011
    AutoHarvest's Cole Expects a `Wild Ride' for Carmakers
    David Cole, chairman of AutoHarvest and chairman emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research, discusses the outlook for the ...

    Posted: 05/19/2011
    ICAP Patent Brokerage and AutoHarvest Form Marketing Partnership for Advanced Manufacturing Technology Commercialization
    AutoHarvest Foundation and ICAP Patent Brokerage plan a news release for May 19 regarding their partnership to offer patent/IP monetization services to the manufacturing/automotive marketplace. This is the first service to be provided as an "AutoHarvest IP Monetization Program" - others are in the works in direct response to our Innovation Advisory Council ("IAC") member's feedback.

    AutoHarvest selected ICAP Patent Brokerage because they are the industry leader and have a global reach-- and AutoHarvest members want to monetize at the fastest and fullest valuations. ICAP believes AutoHarvest can be a very effective "bridge" to automotive/mobility and manufacturing innovators and AutoHarvest plans to be the "boots on the ground" to help its members minimize their time and effort to identify, vet, value and transact, resulting in improved cash flow. In addition, ICAP and AutoHarvest plan to distribute part of any sales commissions with a new charitable giving program that will fund AutoHarvest interns at Universities in the Midwest, helping to further build the innovation ecosystem. The overall commissions charged will not be higher than the commercial rates employed by ICAP, thus AutoHarvest members will pay no more- but will have access to better service- and the students and universities will benefit in the process.

    Posted: 04/01/2011
    Auto Guru Cole Shifting Gears

    Posted: 03/22/2011
    TechTown, Wayne State launch paid internship program
    TechTown and Wayne State University are partnering to give paid internships to the university's students and a much needed hand for the start-ups at the business accelerator.

    Posted: 01/29/2011
    U-M incubator sets out to fast-track ideas
    The University of Michigan unveiled Tuesday an incubator to help university researchers and fledgling companies put their inventions on the fast track to the marketplace.

    Posted: 01/20/2011
    AutoHarvest to connect local IP with auto industry Metro Detroit is sometimes referred to as its own worst enemy when it comes to building businesses and creating jobs. A new non-profit called AutoHarvest is ready to make the region its own best asset by capitalizing on its plethora of intellectual property.

    Posted: 09/30/2010
    David Cole Leaves CAR To Pursue Personal Passions
    Internationally known auto expert David Cole, who launched the Center for Automotive Research in 2003, is stepping down from his post as chairman to become chairman emeritus and to launch an auto educational group and probably do a lot more fly fishing at his cottage in Northern Michigan.