The AutoHarvest innovation ecosystem provides product developers access to key resources that help bring their ideas to life— intellectual property, research collaborators, smart tool providers, monetization pathways, and most importantly, commercialization partners. It is a daunting process explaining why only 50 percent of all startups reach a fifth anniversary. We are proud to recall that five years ago this month, AutoHarvest Foundation received its nonprofit status and set out to create the first truly neutral e-collaboration marketplace for advanced manufacturing technology. We did this during the Great Recession. A heartfelt thank you goes out to our Innovation Advisory Council, Board, Friends, Members, Users, College Fellows, Foundations, Team Members, Supporters and Entrepreneurs for making our fifth anniversary possible. You have given us a promising future as we serve this amazing community as you toil to make our world a better place!

Fittingly, this month we feature two accelerators, EcoMotion, for smart transportation in the heart of the “Start-Up Nation”: Israel and western Michigan’s Seamless IoT and European intellectual property experts at Patentship, highlighting opportunities with our inclusive membership of hands-on makers, facilitators and experts.

The essential skills to transact IP and deliver next-tech products are augmented by I-Hub members providing analytical software, databases, government toolkits, in-the-pulse blogs, content and video presentations of innovation leaders. In 2016, we envision a lively roster of world class events offering valuable exposure to trailblazing researchers, product development experts, intellectual property practitioners, dealmakers and corporate innovation teams.

As always, we invite all readers to join our intellectual property marketplace, free of charge, and engage the community. Join and get One-Click-Closer® to being our next success story.

The AutoHarvest Team
Featured Members
EcoMotion is an Israeli network and accelerator for startups around smart transportation. In May 19th 2016 EcoMotion holds the annual event with over 150 startups presenting their products.
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PATENTSHIP is a European patent law firm located in Munich, Germany, and highly experienced in IP prosecution, IP litigation, IP commercialization and IP harvesting worldwide in the fields of telecommunications, electrical engineering, automotive technologies and software.
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Seamless IoT Accelerator
Seamless is a coalition of enterprises seeking IoT startups that are making people’s everyday lives more connected. Seamless brings global business resources together with the visionary expertise of startups, making way for true innovation. Applications are due Feb. 1st for the spring 2016 program.

For more information and to apply go to or email Amanda Chocko at
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Innovation Hub
Innovation Networks in Action – A Case Study
In this fourth and final installment in this whitepaper series, this article examines a live case study of where both innovation training and network development have been actively managed and sustained within Intuit, an IT organization based out of Silicon Valley.
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SRR Journal and blog Articles
Stout Risius Ross (SRR) is a premier global financial advisory firm that specializes in Investment Banking, Valuation & Financial Opinions, and Dispute Advisory & Forensic Services.
Read the latest on the SRR blog here.
Read: “Common Errors Committed When Valuing Patents – Part 2: Focus on the Income Approach”
Innovation Enterprise
Innovation Enterprise, a CFO Publishing company is an independent business-to-business multi-channel media brand focused on the information needs of Senior Finance, Operations, Analytics, Big Data, Strategy, Digital, Innovation & Sports executives. Products include IE.Summits, ieOnDemand, ieWebinars, ieWhitepapers & more.
Watch: “Hangout With Metlife” John Geyer, Chief Innovation Officer at Metlife
Intellectual Asset Management
IAM is a unique publication which focuses on the many ways in which intellectual property and intangible assets can be used to create corporate value.
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Upcoming AH Appearances Join AutoHarvest at these Industry Expos
China Automotive Cyber Security Summit
January 21-22, 2016 | Shanghai, China
China Automotive Cyber Security Summit provides a platform for Automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, Automotive security solution/technology/products developers,IT companies, Mobile data suppliers, Automotive insurance companies, and automotive cyber security experts to address government regulations developing trends, Automotive cyber security standards, updated vulnerabilities, “Black Hat” behavior motivations, State-of-the-Art technology solutions, critical cyber security challenges and collaboration initiatives

Modeling, Simulation & Crash Safety Congress
January 26-27, 2016 | Detroit, MI USA
The 1st GALM summit on Modeling, Simulation and Crash Testing Of Automotive Lightweight Materials brings with it 20+ case studies from OEMs, software developers and material experts. Covering the most important areas from cost efficiency and accuracy in modelling aluminum and composite properties to predicting lightweight material life-cycles and accurate crash simulation, experts at the top of their fields assess the best practices for accurately and efficiently modeling and simulating lightweight materials.

Automotive Lightweight Interiors: Cost Effective Material Application & Design Congress
January 27-28, 2016 | Munich, Germany
The Automotive Lightweight Interiors Congress has been engineered to inform the industry of the opportunities for light weighting within the interior specifically, looking at key components such as seating, NVH content and electronics. This is the only event to focus specifically on lightweighting strategies for automotive interiors.

Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing 2016
February 24-25, 2016 | Detroit, MI USA
The Lightweight Vehicle Manufacturing 2016 summit will allow the leading experts from OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and technology providers to discuss the most critical areas within manufacturing and quality assurance processes to enable delivery of next-generation lightweight manufacturing technologies to the forecourt.

Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016
March 17, 2016 | London, UK
Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016 will bring together leading European insurance carriers, OEMs and app developers to gain clarity on how the progressive implementation of autonomous driving technologies will impact auto insurance business models, both in the private auto and fleet spaces.

TU-Automotive Cybersecurity USA 2016
March 29-30, 2016 | Novi, MI USA
The inaugural TU-Automotive Cybersecurity USA conference (March 29-30, Novi, MI) will unite experts from the connected car and security industries to help automotive to apply technology and best practices to deliver robust security defenses and processes within a secure ecosystem.

The $100 discount code for our members is 4392AH

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials 2016
April 26-28, 2016 | Birmingham, UK
Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Congress 2016 (European Edition) delivers 20+ case studies from OEMs, Tier 1 component providers and material suppliers. From design strategies for composites, aluminium and steel to tried and tested techniques for multi-material joining and recycling, industry leaders assessed how to cost-effectively reduce the weight of automotive body, chassis and interiors for global markets.

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit 2016
August 23-25, 2016 | Detroit, MI USA
Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Congress 2016 (European Edition) delivers 20+ case studies from OEMs, Tier 1 component providers and material suppliers. From design strategies for composites, aluminium and steel to tried and tested techniques for multi-material joining and recycling, industry leaders assessed how to cost-effectively reduce the weight of automotive body, chassis and interiors for global markets.

Material Science and Engineering
September 1-3, 2016 | Atlanta, GA USA
The 6th International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science and Engineering (Materials Science-2016) explores the implications of Materials Science and Engineering with an objective to encourage young minds and their research abilities by providing an opportunity to meet the experts in the field of Materials Science & Engineering and Nanotechnology.

Automotive Manufacturing Meetings 2016
November 8-10, 2016 | Detroit, MI USA
AMM Detroit is a supply chain event that brings together auto makers, tier suppliers and contract-manufacturers. Engineering, procurement, supply chain, fabrication, commodity teams, suppliers and service providers will meet through pre-arranged one-on-one meetings. AMM Detroit is the venue where requirements meet technologies and capabilities without the distractions found at traditional exhibitions.