The AutoHarvest team extends best wishes for a safe and prosperous New Year to our members.
As we return from exhibiting and spreading the AutoHarvest message in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we welcome our first Chinese members and are impressed by Asia’s dramatic growth and abundant IP leadership.
Closer to home, our work with the Department of Homeland Security has expanded as we help SBIR Phase II awardees develop dual use commercialization partners from our membership. This month we are featuring SBIR recipient, Cybernet Systems Corporation. Another member, Relecura Inc., is offering an in-depth report on the Tesla patents as a free download. One of the largest global furniture manufacturers, Steelcase Inc., has posted technology needs in our system where users can respond directly.
As always, we invite all readers to join our intellectual property marketplace, free of charge, and engage the community. Join and get One-Click-Closer® to being our next success story.
The AutoHarvest Team
Featured Members
Cybernet Systems Corporation
With 47 patents and 24 more pending, Cybernet Systems Corporation has been executing military and NASA R&D projects for over 20 years in robotics, A.I., sensors, virtual reality, and more. Specializing in prototype development and design analysis, they favor forming partnerships to scale up production.
Steelcase Inc.
Steelcase offers a comprehensive portfolio of workplace products inspired by over 100 years of insight. Steelcase is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan with approximately 10,700 employees around the world. Log into the AutoHarvest System to view their current technology needs and respond directly.
Relecura Inc offers a web-based IP analytics platform, called Relecura, for analyzing and commercializing patents and patent portfolios. It frequently releases IP intelligence reports and novel features for IP analytics.
Innovation Hub
Innovation Management
Merely focusing on customers will not lead to groundbreaking changes in your business model. Instead, opportunities for business model innovation arise when focus is shifted to value creation for non-customers.
Read: 'Forget Your Customers and Develop Innovative Business Models!'
Stout | Risius | Ross
Stout Risius Ross (SRR) is a premier global financial advisory firm that specializes in Investment Banking, Valuation & Financial Opinions, and Dispute Advisory & Forensic Services.
Read the latest insights from the SRR blog
From the SRR Journal: 'Apple v. Motorola: Clarification from the Federal Circuit'
Intellectual Asset Management
IAM is a unique publication which focuses on the many ways in which intellectual property and intangible assets can be used to create corporate value.
Read the latest from the IAM Blog
Relecura Special Report
This IP intelligence report does a deep dive on electric vehicle technology and assesses the significance of Tesla Motors' patent portfolio within the overall electric vehicle IP landscape.
Read "Battery and Charging Patents Tesla Motors vs. The Rest"
Upcoming AH Appearances Join AutoHarvest at these Industry Expos
Shared Services and Process Improvement for Manufacturing
January 22-23, 2015 | Nashville, TN
The only shared services event that gives manufacturers the tools to drive added value into their businesses.

Digital Marketing Strategies
February 25-26, 2015 | London, UK
The first pan-European digital marketing event specifically catered to the Automotive industry, which holistically covers all challenges and introduces all innovations of the digital world.

Outsourcing Innovation Summit
March 11–12, 2015 | Miami, FL
The Outsourcing Innovation Summit brings together finance, operations and strategy professionals. Expect to learn about the latest outsourcing initiatives that are cutting costs, reducing waste and increasing productivity across the Fortune 500.

Lightweight Tactical Vehicle Summit
March 16–18, 2015 | Detroit, MI
With multiple workshops and roundtables, this summit will highlight perspectives from industry experts on topics such as: an evaluation of lightweight tactical vehicles, cost benefits of upgrading HMMWVs and future technologies in tactical vehicles.

Global Automotive Lightweight Materials UK 2015
April 2015 | London, UK
As Aluminium and Carbon Fiber emerging as the apparent front runners for achieving lightweight results in luxury brands, it is still unclear which material combination will dominate the mass market. Join a conversation on this and other lightweighting issues.

Automotive Sensors and Electronics Expo 2015
May 20, 2015 | Detroit, MI
The annual Automotive Sensors and Electronics Expo gathers leading industry experts to discuss trends, business and technology issues.
AutoHarvest members receive a 15% discount with the code 'AH15.'

International Conference and Expo on Smart Materials & Structures
June 15 -17, 2015 | Las Vegas, NV
Smart Materials 2015 aims to promulgate knowledge and facilitate sharing new research among professionals, scientific researchers, chemists, metallurgists and Engineers.