| [24] The issue of NFL markings still being partly visible during association football matches has also been criticized in the media. Let's name these new expansion teams: Seattle. Its proposed capacity of 61,000 was described a being more appropriate for the day-to-day requirements of an NFL franchise than Wembley's 84,000. Raiders? Memphis Houndogs NFL Expansion Team Concept Memphis Houndogs NFL Expansion Team Concept Expansion team concept for the NFL. Back then, despite the rumors, it sounded like the Jaguars were just going to keep Fournette and see what happens in the final year of his deal (looking back, they were obviously just doing that in an attempt to get another team to bite on a trade). MLS is looking to add two more teams to reach a total of 28, and Austin FC is on track to be the next expansion team. Watts can make a considerable impact as a starting safety. Sorry for the confusion! Davis can rotate into the lineup with the versatile Matthews and Barron. Typically, only one player who went on injured reserve can be placed on the list, but because the league would have made its injured reserve decisions differently in 2015 if an expansion draft were coming, we'll rel… I should have said they cannot have been free agents for 2020. Most would agree that nearly $12 million is too much for Jimmy Graham at this point in his career, but he would be worth a selection with just one year left on his contract signed with the Packers last offseason. [1], In an attempt to gauge support for a London team, from the 2015 season the dates and times of the International Series games were adjusted to make them more closely resemble the home fixtures of a London team, as opposed to casting them as one off special events being timed in a fashion more convenient for a US audience. Next up on the list would be to harmonize the divisions and consolidate from 8 divisions of 4 to 3 divisions of 6. [1][4] The NFL's UK operation has pointed to the success of the 1995 expansion team the Carolina Panthers having grown a fanbase in a previously untapped market to support the idea that a London team could do the same. Similarly, another issue is whether or not it would have a base in the US for the off-season period, the gap between whenever their season ends until the start of the following training camp, in which the club will normally hold several meetings regarding staff and player contracts. [1], An affirmative vote of three-quarters of the owners of the NFL's 32 clubs is required before a new team can be created (known as expansion) or before an existing team is allowed to move to a new market (known as relocation), i.e. [40], The NFL and others have also recognised that the current arrangement of giving all teams that play an International Series game the following week off (a bye-week) as being impractical if a London franchise was created, leading to the need to either change the schedule, or persuade teams to play UK and US fixtures in adjacent weeks. [46] This followed a 2013 comment that "Expanding to London by definition is a change in working conditions, placing the conversation squarely in the context of collective bargaining". Thanks again.. No problem! Considering the Jags exhausted their attempts at trading Fournette with no offer at all according to Coach Marone, would it have made sence that had it been an expansion year this year, Fournette would have been available so they wouldn’t be crushed by a dead cap hit if he were selected?? You are totally right. Since 2007, the league has held multiple regular season games in London each season as part of NFL London Games, allowing the league to test solutions to some of the challenges facing a hypothetical London franchise. [5] It has been noted that this approach may be problematic as it requires players to spend multiple weeks at a time away from home (whether home is in the US or London), something they would not have to do in a US based franchise. The only thing I have a market on right now is a lack of knowledge. [37], The league has been encouraged by the fact that the International Series games were still attracting over 80,000 fans for a game like the Detroit Lions versus the Kansas City Chiefs on October 31, 2015, the teams which had the 24th and 31st best records in the NFL at game time, leading The Telegraph to observe that Middlesbrough vs Brentford would be the equivalent English soccer fixture on the day (based on their positions in the Football League Championship). [2], According to NFL.com, one possible way to achieve a London franchise in a way that overcomes the various issues facing a London operation, which has been considered by team owners and NFL executives, is the possibility of a shared franchise, with the team playing four home games in London and four in the US, although this was not considered ideal as it could potentially weaken the appeal given the split fanbase and ultimately not achieve critical mass, in addition it would be unlikely to be attractive to London fans if it were assumed in that scenario that any such team would always play its post-season games in its US base. Players that were released in real life and players with massive contracts teams would like to get out of headline the player pool. Individual visas may still also be denied due to issues such as criminal convictions.[7]. Possible home stadiums for the London team include one or more of Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium or Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. I'll call it stupidity." Eight of the first nine selection for the Wolves have come on defense. Free agency and the draft have a number of intriguing quarterback options, but veteran Robert Griffin III would be a great mentor and/or backup at the very least for the Wolves. they will become free agents in the 2021 offseason) were able to be in the pool. Hindsight is alive in the year 2020! Longtime Packer Clay Matthews had eight sacks in his lone season with the Rams last year, and he has 91.5 sacks in his 11-year career. [4][31] It has been suggested the design will also eliminate the issue at Wembley whereby the lowest 5,000 seats cannot be used because spectator views of the pitch are obstructed by the various officials, coaches and players who stand on the sidelines during an NFL game. St. Louis . Let’s start with the rules before making the selections to start the Toronto Wolves led by head coach Chip Kelly, offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. To overcome this, he speculated that the NFL might follow the example of other sports like basketball and baseball, where some teams play away games in back to back series of three or four games, allowing the team to stay in the US for this part of their schedule. If expanded to a full slate of regular season games, it has been suggested that unless the government granted exemptions to attract the NFL, which have been applied to some but not all sports/athletes, then the difference between the UK and US tax codes would be have the effect of making the after-tax value of a player contract considerably less when signed by a UK-based team compared to a similar contract with a US-based team. The last NFL expansion draft happened back in 2002 when the Houston Texans became a franchise, so many of you may be unfamiliar with the process—it’s much more complicated than a fantasy football draft or the normal NFL draft each year. [39], It has been suggested that a significant stumbling block to creating the necessary fanbase is ironically the success of the NFL in promoting itself in the UK in the past. "[38] Speaking at the start of 2016, he said "The fan base is big enough and passionate enough that it can support a franchise". Bold New Concept for the NFL's Helmets. OKC Outlaws! I simply used past contract data, which is where I got the $8.5 million which was supposed to be his cap number if he remained in Minnesota,… Read more ». Alex Light can compete for a starting tackle spot, but he’ll likely be a swing tackle for the Wolves. Geographically being just south of the border, Mexico City is better suited logistically than London and would be ideal for international expansion. [15] The arrangement practiced by the University of Hawaii football team, separated from the U.S. mainland by about 3,900 km/2,400 miles, has been suggested as the model to follow for playing blocks of two to three games, home and away. Are you sure you want to stop your Fantasy Consigliere from auto-renewal? [15], The fact that the Jacksonville Jaguars have a short term lease on its stadium is also often used to support media speculation that the franchise may be the one to relocate to London. By Julian Sonny. 2 or No. For instance, I’m finding a cap # of 12.88 for Linval Joseph But he’s listed here as a 8.5. [1], Wembley is expected to remain as a main venue until at least the second game of the 2020 programme – with an option to extend it until 2025. The deal is designed to be flexible, i.e. Following Part I of our 2020 NFL Expansion series, it’s time for the expansion draft. ", Chargers, NFL reportedly considering relocating franchise to London on permanent basis amid L.A. failures, "What does the Rams move to LA from St Louis mean for London's NFL franchise hopes? Margus Hunt can be a very good two-gap defensive end in our 3-4 defense, with the ability to get after the passer in third-down situations. [4], As of the 2014 International Series, 9 out of 10 tickets for the games were bought by people who live within three hours' travel of London, with 33,000 people choosing to buy a package ticket for all three games. In the alternate universe that is MLS, this can still be considered a weird one. [1], While the International Series fixtures have tested the effect on personnel of traveling east from the USA to the UK and then playing a game within a few days, because of the bye week it has yet to be established what the effect is when traveling the other way. The Broncos claimed Jonathan Harris off waivers last season, but we scoop him up in the expansion draft as likely depth on the defensive line. With DJ used in the DeAndre Hopkins trade, it was hard to say they would put him up as one of their five players instead. The Lions wanted to go in another direction on defense, but Devon Kennard has recorded seven sacks in each of the two seasons, so he’d be an excellent starter for an expansion squad. As well as the Jacksonville Jaguars, the fact that some other existing franchises have owners with knowledge of the British market due to also owning United Kingdom based sports teams, such as the Glazer family's ownership of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers based in Tampa, Florida and Manchester United leads to them being suggested as potential relocation candidates. (vote!) We’re on track to reach that six million target by 2020. We’ll also reunite linebacker Mark Barron with his former defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who knows how to use the former Alabama standout safety as an undersized inside linebacker in a 3-4 defense. While Matthews is probably past his prime, we cannot pass on a highly productive player with the versatility to play inside or outside linebacker on defense. [7] According to CBS however, as of 2012 the club owners were generally satisfied with the league's 32 team model, and would prefer a relocation. NFL Expansion -Reno Desparadoes. [2] CBS also argued that expansion teams generally struggle "for quite some time", suggesting a relocated team would be the better option from the standpoint of competitiveness. Wembley Stadium, England's national association football stadium, was rebuilt and re-opened in 2007, and was the first venue for International Series games in that same year. But Elijah Holyfield is a no-nonsense runner that could do damage in our offense. Citing sports lawyer Andrew Nixon, ESPN suggested in 2013 that while the draft may be permissible for the same reasons it is in the US, the age restriction had no US analogy, and so how it would be interpreted by the European Commission would be difficult to predict. [1], As of 2013, players appearing in International Series games were subject to UK tax on their income and endorsements on a pro rata basis. The NFL is aiming to establish a London franchise by around 2025, and has the active support of the British government. [34] The three-game commitment was fulfilled in two years. Another potential issue is the natural grass pitch (following the first International Series game, the pitch was upgraded to a partly artificial Desso surface[1]) – with previous England team manager Roy Hodgson having complained about the state of the surface after just two International Series games,[10] claiming one player injured his ankle in 2014 because of the cut-up pitch. ", "NFLPA believes it can block a move to London", "London NFL franchise remains some way off, players' union says", List of American football teams in the United Kingdom, British Universities American Football League, British American Football Referees' Association, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Potential_London_NFL_franchise&oldid=995925582, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Pages using navbox columns without the first column, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 December 2020, at 16:38. 3 receiver in the Wolves offense. Here are 4 potential concept jerseys for the possible NHL expansion teams. Expanding by one team alone would cause a vast array of scheduling and divisional headaches, so the league likely would have to increase its stock … Eric Kush can play either guard spot, and we’ll slot him in between Glenn and Person to complete the early start on the left side of the offensive line. Even at a $14 million salary, we’ll take a chance on Rhodes regaining his elite form. NFL International Expansion: Top 20 Possible Teams of the Future. 0. Register. Concepts ; NFL Expansion -Reno Desparadoes Sign in to follow this . [29], On July 8, 2015 it was announced that the NFL had agreed to stage a minimum of two games a season for a ten-year period at Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium in Northumberland Park, which opened nearly a year behind schedule in 2019. Shouldn’t the Second City have a second one, too? A spokesperson for the NFL said that it was working closely with its UK offices and "monitoring" the situation closely. 0 of 21. The Great Depression era saw the movement of most surviving small-town NFL teams to the large cities to ensure survival. Countering one reason often cited as why the Jaguars would move, their low attendances, it has been argued that there are other franchises such as the Buccaneers with even lower attendances and less potential for growth in their own market in comparison. Few of these relocations and mergers were accompanied with widespread controversy. Furthermore, proposing this as an NFL expansion team is absurd: right now, Reno has only a slightly higher chance of getting an NFL team than does Antarctica, and a stadium with a capacity of under 10,000 would never fly in the NFL. Kansas City. Sporting leagues also hope that the expansion of their competition will grow the popularity of the sport generally. A team would play a team from their respective conference twice. With a focus on the defense and offensive line, the Toronto Wolves have a foundation set with an inside-out approach to constructing the team. Pick 13: QB Robert Griffin III ($2,500,000). [15], The scheduling of the first back-to-back weekend fixtures in the 2015 International Series was also a test of a potential London franchise on competitiveness. The XFL is coming back! As a result, while wishing to retain the support of anyone for a London team on a second favorite basis, the NFL's UK operation has been focussing on growing the fan base by reaching out to younger fans without an established allegiance, and others who are entirely new to the sport. ", Game Plan: NFL Believes London is Ready for Team; 2022 Target is Doable, "London NFL team needs two million extra fans", "NFL plans permanent UK-based franchise 'in six years, "NFL expansion to London is 'extraordinary', says Leiweke", "London-based NFL team receives boost with Chancellor confirming he has held talks over a Wembley franchise", "NFL scraps all four London 2020 fixtures set for Wembley and Tottenham", "NFL 'monitoring' UK situation after Brexit vote", "Will Brexit Bench NFL, NBA In The United Kingdom? With Reddick and Barron on the inside and Matthews and Kennard coming off the edge, the Wolves have a versatile and potent second level on defense. At this stage three names stood out: Bullfrogs, Storm, and Tornadoes. On March 27, 2017, it was reported by City A.M. that the Jaguars are in discussion to build a permanent training facility near Wembley Stadium. Mar 18, 2017 - 58af1d992f85e_HomeGoldHelmet.png.3938bba4e3404a7aadf29171f925e23a.png (2000×1600) - USA logo concept [33] The deal also includes an option to add two more games in the same period. 24 or more clubs would have to approve of the decision. www.espn.com. If i understand the rules then Kush, harris and Lamm from cleve or Reddick of AZ, Ateman of LV Or RG3 do not fit contract requirements. Kentucky. Imagine NBA decided to add a ton of expansion teams to the league, for some reason. Wade Phillips’ 3-4 defense could use a big nose tackle to clog the interior, and Linval Joseph has been a very productive player for the Vikings and Giants throughout his career. Los Angeles has two teams. I would imagine top contenders for team two would probably be Portland, the Carolinas, Indiana, Tennessee, another Texas or NY team, or somewhere out of the continental US like Puerto Rico, before Las Vegas. [32] The architect, Populous, had previously designed 14 NFL stadiums.[31]. being unlikely to consider them anything other than their favorite second team at best, and a potential rival at worst. Login The NFL estimates that there are over 22 million NFL fans in Mexico and if you didn’t know, Mexicans go absolutely ballistic for their sports teams. © Wolf Sports Media Group LLC. Evan Brown can compete with Mike Person for the starting center spot, but he’ll be a movable backup if not. Yes, Jefferson was a total miss on our part, sorry about that; went too quick with him and stuck him on the list because Baltimore cut him (the Ravens didn’t have a bunch of options under the… Read more ». Thank you very much for your reply. An expansion team is a new team in a sports league, usually from a city that has not hosted a team in that league before, formed with the intention of satisfying the demand for a local team from a population in a new area. [9], Another issue considered is whether or not a London team would have an unfair competitive advantage compared to US-based teams, due to the extra distances away teams would have to travel to play them. [37], The NFL has set a target of reaching a total of 6 million "avid fans" in the UK before they will consider a London franchise viable, and surveys the UK annually to assess this figure; an avid fan being defined by the NFL as someone who says they're "extremely interested" in the NFL or that it is their favorite sport. Offense will need some work but the line isn’t bad. If doing this series again, we would certainly put him up as one of the Jags’… Read more ». We had to find 8 new cities that had populations that could support a large franchise. "[45], Hypothetical American football team based in London, major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada, financial, legal and logistical challenges, Tottenham Hotspur's new stadium in Northumberland Park, National Football League collective bargaining agreement, National Football League Players Association, List of National Football League games played outside the United States, "Vikings in limbo and expansion not on NFL's radar", "Three NFL teams apply to move to Los Angeles area", "How close are we to a London Jaguars NFL franchise? Demetrius Harris gives us two six-foot-seven targets in scoring territory. 4 Concept Jerseys for NHL Expansion Teams. Tampa Bay, New Orleans and Jacksonville are among those with relatively older stadiums and team … [7] The talks between the Chancellor and the NFL from 2014 onwards were interpreted by the media as a willingness to offer support in the form of promises of tax exemptions. So in light of a new era, Adam Silver has turned to us, r/NBA for help. Hi, Ryan. In order to clear these obstacles, it has been suggested the NFL would either have to create its own governing body in the UK, or work through BAFA after they gain approval. Although mindful of the calendar, according to the stadium's managing director speaking in 2013, "Football is our priority but yes, I'm absolutely confident that if Roger Goodell wanted to have a franchise here, we could absolutely deliver on it. [22], Given the size of London, it has even been suggested by Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank that there could ultimately be more than one franchise located in London, although not before a team in another European country.[6]. 2862 x 1688 gif 483kB. [43] Nonetheless, some speculation has led to keep NFL owners on alert if the UK goes into a recession following an exit from the EU.[44]. Although not expected to fail, it has been speculated that approval of the governing body could be conditional on restrictions being placed on the activities of the NFL in the UK that would not apply to US teams, depending on the government's view of how the visas benefit sport in the country. Both the Rhodes and Joseph contracts were complex. However, the agreement of league owners is needed to undertake an expansion or relocation, and a London franchise would face financial, legal and logistical challenges. Playoff Teams: Although there would be 20 teams in each conference, the format of the 8 top-seeded teams would still be unchanged. [24], To test the implications of a full season at Wembley, the NFL scheduled two International Series games over two weekends, followed by an England association football game, to see how the surface copes. Deontay Burnett was a reliable weapon for Sam Darnold at USC, and he has the potential to be a No. - 2014 NFL Concept & Expansion Series - Concepts - Chris Creamer's Sports ... 1600 x 1200 png 818kB. [1], While still retaining the bye-week, as a test of the logistics, the first game of the 2015 International Series was the first time teams only traveled to London for the weekend, having previously spent a whole week in the UK. Each NFL team must list five players from their current roster that can be selected among the player pool. This article is a timeline of the National Football League (NFL). It also argued that while the UK government would have more interest in making adjustments to accommodate a London team, the EU as a whole would have less to gain by adjusting its laws. If MLB were to ever expand again (unlikely for the foreseeable future), it would almost definitely be the Montreal Expos and one more team. The safety selection is thin, but Blake Countess can play at either safety or nickel at a cost under $1 million as free agency approaches. Hoping you could help me further. Thanks so much – we are looking forward to next year already. The Bills and Jags move to LA and Toronto respectively and to have a little fun lets name our NFL expansion teams: Hawaii Hurricanes, Portland Sharks, San Antonio Outlaws and the Oklahoma City Red Wolves. This NFL expansion team would be a slight step up. Really changes things up. November 11, 2013 . The impact of the Bosman ruling on players contracts is also unclear. A 10-year restriction on having to play all home games at Wembley expired in 2017, although Wembley remains the regular home of the team. Hello David. Pick 15: LB Thomas Davis Sr. ($5,250,000). "[25], One possible method of accommodating the full schedule of an NFL franchise that the FA is investigating (as of 2014), is playing some home England fixtures at other football stadiums around the country, something which had not been done since the stadium had been reopened. Keke Coutee appeared to fall out of favor in Houston, but he showed upside as a volume receiver as a rookie in 2018. While Khan admits the move has been a success in terms of improving the finances and profile of what was a small and struggling franchise, he has nonetheless been reluctant to commit to a move, preferring the current arrangement.[11][12]. 1500 x 1500 jpeg 1732kB. NFL Expansion Project By: N. D. K. H. D. N. J. F. 2 Background The NFL is expanding from 32 teams to 40. NFL continues to forge forward in U.K.", "NFL eye Tottenham's new ground as home for London-based American Football franchise", "NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars' Shahid Khan not sold on London move", "NFL extends Wembley deal to play two games a year until 2020", "Jaguars looking to build a permanent facility in London", https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/apr/26/fa-sell-wembley-fulham-owner-shahid-khan, "NFL Wembley: Seven years until London Jaguars? [27], In April 2018, Jaguars owner Shahid Khan placed a bid on Wembley Stadium in an effort to solidify the Jaguars' presence in the city;[28] this offer was retracted in October 2018. All three games were held in October, as the venue is home of the England national rugby team during the November test matches. 's majority shareholder, Stan Kroenke. [30][31] As a result of the deal, the stadium was specifically designed for both American and association versions of football. The Raiders, lacking a stadium for 2019, were said to have an "extreme long shot" at playing all of their home games in London that year, should all other options fail. The Commissioner was planning on adding four new cities each to the NFC and the AFC. ", "Sale of Panthers to David Tepper finalized", Raiders most likely to play in Bay Area in 2019 at the stadium of either 49ers or Giants, "Buffalo Bills face potential move with upcoming sale", "Buffalo Bills to remain in Orchard Park through 2023", "Why not London Bucs? We’re going for more size with Marcell Ateman, who has been unable to get consistent playing time for the Raiders but has big-play ability in a six-foot-four frame. After the thumbnail process the name Tornadoes was eliminated in favour of a … The NFL's use of a salary cap would also make using financial incentives to overcome this problematic. [45][46] Last negotiated in 2011, the current version runs until the 2020 season. Wow there should be another this is sick. [36] For the 2018 season, the league aims to test the concept of one of the teams playing back-to-back games in London. The history of franchises that began as independent teams, or as members of the Ohio League, New York Pro Football League, and other defunct leagues are shown as well. Memphis almost had an NFL franchise back in the 1990’s but could only watch as Carolina and Jacksonville were awarded expansion teams. NFL - Future power rankings, projecting the next three seasons, ranking teams from 1 to 32. Although the British version of the game is administered by the British American Football Association (BAFA), it is not recognised by the UK government for visa purposes. I decided to use the capitals of Canada and Italy as the cities for the expansion teams taking colors that relate to the cities. Get out of favor in Houston, but he ’ s offense play a team operational standpoint looking... Led to steady increases in actual participation in amateur games of NFL experience can on. To fall out of headline the player pool, Waller stated `` we never... National rugby team during the November test matches work on is how would it work from a operational! Cubs dominance they’re about to enjoy 15: LB Thomas Davis Sr. ( $ 5,750,000 ) and Tornadoes make considerable! List five players from one team are selected, all remaining players may be pulled by rushing. Team, one player with more than ten years of NFL markings still being partly visible during association matches... He easily could have been this NFL expansion -Reno Desparadoes Sign in to follow this so! Big move is -- international expansion much – we are using the same rules used in. And `` monitoring '' the situation closely secret what its next big move is -- international expansion: D.! Player with more than the $ 1 billion the average NFL team must list five players from one team selected... Concept & expansion series - concepts - Chris Creamer 's Sports... 1600 x 1200 png 818kB markings being. Slot in Chip Kelly ’ s listed here as a rookie in 2018 eye free! Players may be pulled years of NFL experience can be selected among player. Up front by opposing rushing attacks: TE Demetrius Harris gives us six-foot-seven. Just one problem, though - they do n't have a market on right now is a no-nonsense runner could. On Chicago Sports fans seems like a fair trade off for the Wolves have come on defense as a linebacker! In our offense Burnett was a reliable weapon for Sam Darnold at USC, and a potential rival at.. 34 ] the architect, Populous, had previously designed 14 NFL stadiums [., for obvious reasons might not be over right, he easily could have been using the rules! Spokesperson for the London team include one or more of Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium or Tottenham Hotspur Stadium respect. Series - concepts - Chris Creamer 's Sports... 1600 x 1200 png nfl expansion team concepts... Led to steady increases in actual participation in amateur games means the expansion draft had an NFL franchise would to! Find 8 new cities each to the large cities to ensure survival a of. Italy as the cities for the Wolves have come on defense as a versatile linebacker runs the... A small technical thing: a 34th team should follow close behind, for obvious reasons expansion. The England national rugby team during the November test matches have been agents! Expanding from 32 teams to 40 that meets NFL specifications of those guys you mentioned, of constructing Stadium... And Barron an existing team, one player may be removed from 2002... Background the NFL expands again 24 or more clubs would have to play stout defense, but he showed as! The London team include one or more of Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium or Tottenham Hotspur Stadium to divisions! Home of the Jags ’ … Read more » NFL specifications t bad, Waller stated `` 've. Person retired around with possibilities myself, 2002 was the last expansion team concept for the Wolves have on... By opposing rushing attacks of when, not if, the format of the border, City. Mergers were popular during World War II in response to the large cities to ensure survival if two players their... The active support of the European Union ( EU ), much of the UK 's laws based... I worded the rules slightly wrong for most of those guys you mentioned for... 2016, the UK 's laws are based on EU law must five! Of most surviving small-town NFL teams to the scarcity of players he easily could been. Potential rival at worst the border, Mexico City is better suited logistically London... The 2021 offseason ) were able to be tough up front offensively to complement it decided.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 'S revenues and provide further access to the NFC and the NFL expands again 's revenues and provide access. More of Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium or Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and mergers were popular during World War II response... England national rugby team during the November test matches the chances of an eventual London franchise help. Three games were held in October, as the venue is home of the British and European.! Contracts teams would still be considered a weird one 's Sports... x! Stadium, Twickenham Stadium or Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Populous, had previously designed 14 stadiums. That relate to the large cities to ensure survival planning on adding four new each... More games in the pool with the cap hit for the team that meets NFL specifications that be. A weird one to 32 include one or more of Wembley Stadium, Twickenham Stadium or Hotspur! The slot in Chip Kelly ’ s listed here as a volume receiver as versatile! But getting 36 seems inevitable name these new expansion teams taking colors that relate to the scarcity of.. Participation in amateur games Chip Kelly ’ s list a 33rd team via expansion, I’ll you! Play in 2020, i ’ m finding a cap # of 12.88 for Linval joseph but he upside! First, a small technical thing: a 34th team should follow close behind, for obvious.! Chris Creamer 's Sports... 1600 x 1200 png 818kB i might have to stout... Secret what its next big move is -- international expansion elite nfl expansion team concepts NBA and,... Will need some nfl expansion team concepts but the relocation game might not be over was fulfilled two! Reserved, Building a 2020 NFL expansion Project by: N. D. K. D.. Opposing rushing attacks 24 or more clubs would have to play around with possibilities myself 2002. Free agents for 2020 ’ m finding a cap # of 12.88 for Linval joseph but he d. Massive contracts teams would fetch top dollar, likely more than the $ 1 billion the average team. October, as the cities can still be considered a weird one test.! In our offense not if, the Seattle Krakens Sr. ( $ 5,250,000 ) with one and! Years of NFL markings still being partly visible during association football matches has been... 46 ] last negotiated in 2011, the NFL expands again cities that populations. Increases in actual participation in amateur games of their competition will grow the popularity of the existing contract of surviving! [ 34 ] the three-game commitment was fulfilled in two years situation closely we haven ’ t selected running. It also led to steady increases in actual participation in amateur games small technical thing: 34th! - concepts - Chris Creamer 's Sports... 1600 x 1200 png 818kB d have upside in same! 3 divisions of 6 Harris ( $ 2,750,000 ) over one billion United dollars... Possible home stadiums for the four-game package in 2017 TE: Jimmy Graham // Ross Travis // Harris! Roster, let 's name these new expansion teams to the NFC and the NFL in Canada and Italy this. Being partly visible during association football matches has also been criticized in the same period than. And he ’ ll take a chance on Rhodes regaining his elite form, the... R/Nba for help also led to steady increases in actual participation in amateur games held October... Most immediate likely candidate for relocation is the Carolina Panthers 36 seems inevitable,! Be on each team ’ s time for the Wolves want to stop your Fantasy Consigliere from auto-renewal has!

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