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AutoHarvest Foundation Update - May 2013

AutoHarvest Foundation's ecosystem continues to grow, bringing innovators One Click Closer™ to commercialization in advanced manufacturing. Newly posted available technologies and corporate & federal agency technology needs are continually added to the AutoHarvest member marketplace. This month evaluate novel technologies added by new members: The University of Vermont, The George Washington University and Los Alamos National Lab.

The Innovation Hub curates unique knowledge based resources provided by organizations, public and private. We welcome as a new Hub member the Nanomaterial Registry. The rapid creation of nanomaterials has spurred the National Institutes of Health to sponsor the development of the Nanomaterial Registry to provide safety information on new materials. Hub member ktMINE has released its updated licensing royalty database and probes the risks and rewards of white space mapping to evaluate your market position and new opportunities.

Visit to learn more, and apply to join our Beta program. Thank you for your continued interest.

The AutoHarvest Team

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Innovation Hub

AutoHarvest is pleased to provide access to a new database, the Nanomaterial Registry. In addition, ktMINE has updated its Royalty Rate Guide.

The Nanomaterial Registry is a curated repository of nanomaterial characterization data, funded by the National Institutes of Health and developed and maintained by RTI International, since 2010.

ktMINE released it's new 2013 Royalty Resource Guide, revealing industry trends from as far back as 2000.

Nanomaterial Registry

The Nanomaterial Registry is a repository of nanomaterial characterization data, funded by the National Institutes of Health and developed and maintained by RTI International, since 2010. The Nanomaterial Registry focuses on bringing together data from a variety of research and manufacturing sources in order to more rapidly understand the benefits and risks of nanomaterials to biological and environmental systems.


ktMINE is an intellectual property (IP) information services firm focused on delivering IP protection and competitive advantage to IP owners and stakeholders across the globe. Click below to download their brand new 2013 Royalty Rate Resource Guide.


ktMINE's 2013 Royalty Rate Resource Guide
Download now

Click here for full Innovation Hub.

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Innovation Thought Leaders

In the world of hyper-innovation every company needs to address the unknown. Idris Mootee of Idea Couture takes a look at white space mapping, a tool for overcoming your fears.

Click here to read the full article.

Featured New Members:

The AutoHarvest community continues to grow, bringing impressive new members from inside and outside our traditional networks. From the East Coast we welcome the George Washington University and the University of Vermont. From the West we are joined by Los Alamos National Laboratory and from the heartland we welcome PolymerOhio, Inc. into our ecosystem. Be sure to log in to and directly connect with them and discuss their impressive array of technologies and capabilities they are offering.

George Washington University

AutoHarvest is pleased to welcome the George Washington University Office of Technology Transfer.

The George Washington University Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) promotes and facilitates the transfer of GW innovations for the benefit of the university community and the public while leveraging GW resources through partnering with industry experts and entrepreneurs.

They are the bridge between in-house laboratory research and companies, entrepreneurs, and investors. Our primary aim is to connect university researchers with business enterprises, entrepreneurs, and unique external resources. OTT oversees all aspects of technology commercialization at GW.

Log on to the AutoHarvest system to view some of GWU's technology postings, such as "Dual Suspension System," "Self-Repairing and Self-Sustaining Autonomous Machines" and "Nanometer thick films to protect friction surfaces in Engine Components."

University of Vermont

AutoHarvest is pleased to welcome the University of Vermont's Office of Technology Commercialization.

The Office of Technology Commercialization understands that successful collaboration is based on the merging of cultural and intellectual objectives, as well as reasonable economic expectations.

Timely response to licensing activity is a core competency that has been developed over time and is a constant focus of their improvement efforts. Their unique networking situation enables them to combine technologies from a variety of sources. This allows the technologies to reach critical mass and increases the probability that each will achieve its full potential.

In recent years, the University of Vermont has seen a dramatic increase in its intellectual property and technology transfer activity. Out of 93 patent issued, 33 were issued in the last 5 years. Thirty-five companies have licensed patents from UVM and are commercializing the technologies, including 9 new Vermont companies.

Log on to the AutoHarvest system to view some of UVM's technology postings, such as "Adaptive Protective Cable Covering" and "Fabricating Thin-Film Crystalline Structures from Organic Compounds."

Los Alamos National Laboratory

AutoHarvest is pleased to welcome
Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Visit the technologies available section and search for the new technology postings from Los Alamos National Laboratory, in areas of direct interest to advanced manufacturing such as novel machining processes and instrumentation.

Los Alamos National Laboratory's mission is to develop and apply science and technology to ensure the safety, security, and reliability of the U.S. nuclear deterrent; reduce global threats; and solve other emerging national security and energy challenges.

With energy use increasing across the nation and the world, Los Alamos National Laboratory is using its world-class scientific capabilities to enhance national energy security by developing energy sources with limited environmental impact and by improving the efficiency and reliability of the energy infrastructure. The growth of global energy demand in this century will create significant new national security challenges. Los Alamos will develop transformative new science for energy technologies and significantly enhance and extend the use of current technologies in a manner that is sustainable and that mitigates negative environmental, social, and national security consequences. Implicit is the development of the capability to measure, model, and predict (in a quantifiable manner) the impacts of energy choices on climate and their cascading effects on the environment and society.

Polymer Ohio, Inc.

AutoHarvest is pleased to welcome PolymerOhio, Inc..

Columbus based PolymerOhio is an Ohio Edison Technology Center that is focused on enhancing the polymer industry's global competitiveness and growth. PolymerOhio is a natural collaborator with AutoHarvest as we both strive to accelerate innovation for advanced manufacturing and materials.

Through a grant from the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (a part of the US National Institute for Standards and Technology), PolymerOhio in collaboration with the Ohio Supercomputer Center has developed the “Manufacturing and Polymer Portal”, which will provide affordable access to productivity-enhancing software and training in its use on a desktop computer.

The Manufacturing and Polymer Portal will soon offer software that will help improve productivity through structural analysis and mixing in a wide variety of equipment. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the AutoHarvest newsletter regarding PolymerOhio’s Manufacturing and Polymer Portal initiative and how you can take advantage of this exciting program.

Collaboration is essential to cultivating the advanced manufacturing ecosystem. AutoHarvest an industry-inspired, open innovation marketplace that supports advancement through collaboration and provides a richer, deeper pool of intellectual property.

Visit us at Upcoming Industry Events

APMA 2013

Visit AutoHarvest at APMA 2013

AutoHarvest will be exhibiting at APMA 2013, stop by for demo of our system.

The event brings together leading Canadian, American and international automotive industry professionals to learn, share ideas and collaborate. The 2013 Conference will feature industry leading speakers, an exhibit hall, One-on-One matchmaking opportunities, and numerous networking opportunities.

This event is a must attend for anyone involved in or wishing to become involved in the automotive industry in Canada.

June 6-7, 2013 / Caesars Windsor; Windsor, ON.
*Registration is currently open

International Economic Development Council 2013 Spring Conference

Visit AutoHarvest at the IEDC 2013 Spring Conference

Attend the 2013 Spring Conference to discover emerging opportunities and grasp industry trends every economic developer needs to know. Learn how to leverage your communities' assets and industrial base to transform your economy and stimulate the growth of new clusters, companies and jobs. Featured industries for the 2013 Spring Conference include automotive research and development, higher education, energy conservation, homeland security and defense, and healthcare information technology.

June 9-11, 2013 / The Michigan League; Ann Arbor, MI
*Registration is currently open

IDGA Military Vehicles Conference

Visit AutoHarvest at the IDGA Military Vehicles Conference

AutoHarvest will be exhibiting at IDGA Military Vehicles Conference, stop by for demo of our system.

IDGA's events provide you with the platform your business needs to present its products to your target audience. Our sponsors and exhibitors walk out of events with not only a fresh pool of potential business clients, but with fresh industry partners who may be able to help push your company in its future endeavors - whichever direction the market takes!

But don't just take our word for it - check out what exhibitors had to say in this Exhibitor Highlight Reel from IDGA's 2012 Military Vehicles Exhibition & Conference

July 30-August 1, 2013 / Cobo Convention Center; Detroit, MI.
*Registration is currently open

2013 Battery Show

Visit AutoHarvest at the 2013 Battery Show

AutoHarvest will be exhibiting at the 2013 Battery Show, stop by for demo of our system.

The Battery Show 2013 is the premier showcase of the latest advanced battery technology. The exhibition hall offers a platform to launch new products, make new contacts and maintain existing relationships. With more qualified buyers and decision makers than any other event in North America, The Battery Show 2013 is the key to unlocking your future business opportunities.

September 17-19, 2013 / Suburban Collection Showplace; Novi, Michigan
*Registration is currently open

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